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Monday Muse: Grace Jones


What a weekend!?! We’re back to the grind today and feeling inspired by the legendary Grace Jones!


Grace Jones’ angular beauty propelled her out of Jamaica and onto the covers of Elle, Vogue, and countless other publications. From there, she took the music and film industries by storm while…

Shopping While Black Today at Rite Aid Store #10673

At about Noon, I walk into Rite Aid Store #10673. Before I can take ten steps, “Security scan all aisles, security scan all aisles” comes over the PA. REALLY??? I get to a section, LO AND BEHOLD - an associate walks pass me on my left, then enters the aisle on the opposite end from me. All of a sudden, she tries to look ever-so-busy in the aisle that I’m in.

So I traipse to another aisle just to test my suspicion - YEP! Here she comes, as well as a male associate who has “scanned the aisle” twice already.

Rite Aid Corporation, I think you know where I am going with this - YOU HAVE LOST A LOYAL CUSTOMER - F O R E V E R ! ! ! Kindly, I have included some helpful links at the bottom of this post; hopefully you can better train your employees. #Racist #Profiling #ShoppingWhileBlack

"University of Florida Survey on Retail Losses indicates that employee theft accounts for a far greater percentage of the "shrinkage" at the nation’s largest retailers than shoplifting, with 44.2 percent attributed to employee theft compared to 25.8 percent to shoplifting, based on 2011 data. So, in many instances, while retailers are so busy watching black shoppers to make sure they don’t walk out the "front door," more inventory loss is occurring when their employees walk out the "back door."

"Indeed, shoplifting does come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and in some instances, evidence suggests that other racial/ethnic groups actually are more likely to engage in shoplifting than blacks."

"The reality is that non-minority shoppers account for most of the criminal activity. This is supported by data provided by the FBI’s UCR database which can be accessed on-line."

•Full article here:
•FBI Crime Stats (Larceny):