I have been obsessing over my nails. Love this color by @revlon, Sheer Cotton. πŸ’‹πŸ’…

So the officer who unloaded 16 or 17 bullets into #VonderritMyers said that he pulled off Vonderrit’s hoody during their struggle before Vonderrit shot at officer. He has no hoody on minutes before. (see picture)

Officer also initially stated that he jumped out of the bushes - now walking that back. If the killing was justified, WHY ALL THE INCONSISTENCIES???!!!


Power Doth Corrupt.

Fear, guilt, powerlessness, shaming, oppression, threats, lies, dehumanization, ultimatums, imprisonment, isolation, murder, demonization, inequality, worthlessness.

Which am I describing?

β€’ War
β€’ Organized Religion
β€’ Domestic Violence
β€’ Slavery
β€’ The Holocaust
β€’ Prison Industrial Complex

Or do/did they all employ some of the same tactics to maintain their dominance?