Power Doth Corrupt.

Fear, guilt, powerlessness, shaming, oppression, threats, lies, dehumanization, ultimatums, imprisonment, isolation, murder, demonization, inequality, worthlessness.

Which am I describing?

• War
• Organized Religion
• Domestic Violence
• Slavery
• The Holocaust
• Prison Industrial Complex

Or do/did they all employ some of the same tactics to maintain their dominance?

Racist Reactions To My Language On Twitter (And What It Really Means...)

  • Me: *speaks Jamaican Patwah/Patois*
  • Racist: "This is America, speak English! No other languages are ever spoken here, and this country founded on genocide/settler colonialism and anti-Blackness/slavery should only involve the languages that I choose to hear, though I encroached your personal space and interrupted your conversation in a dialect that you were not speaking to me in."
  • Me: *speaks African American Vernacular English*
  • Racist: "This is America and I don't care if AAVE is actually a language with a structure, discussed by linguists everywhere, and if it is one we will later be appropriative for marketing purposes while continuing to profit from economic violence on Black people. I don't like how AAVE sounds right now and I don't want to hear it, even though I encroached your personal space and interrupted your conversation in a language that you were not speaking to me in."
  • Me: *speaks Standard American English*
  • Racist: "What, so you think you're smarter than me, why are you trying to be White? Gonna take my job? Well, you misspelled a word on Twitter, so I am still smarter. Why did you use some big words? They're stupid. I am going to ignore the context and topic of your conversation and mask my insecurity--over never realizing that the lies I was fed about my automatic intellectual superiority are in fact lies--by making jokes about word length versus leaving you alone/not invading your space or actually addressing the topic the words were about."
  • Me: *uses terms attributable to womanist/Black feminist scholarship, critical race theory or other anti-oppression theories/praxes*
  • Racist: "I haven't approved use of these words, so I will call them stupid. It...well...doesn't matter to me that a key facet of White supremacy--with a very long history and reality no less--is degrading the intelligence of a Black woman, or committing epistemic violence, by purposely altering/attacking the language used to describe oppression in order to engage in an ahistorical analysis that supports oppression. I don't like that you can describe my violence with acute accuracy, so I will use violence to critique that perspective. You're a pseudo-intellectual if I don't understand what you are saying, don't want my privilege or violence critiqued with an accuracy that Black thinkers have had for centuries nor want to acknowledge that I am purposely kept ignorant of Black radical scholarship because of White supremacy."

Christians, We Are Such False Outrage Artists!

I have heard, seen, and read 100 BILLION TIMES THE OUTRAGE from Christians over Megan Good’s exposed breasts (OMG, she’s a minister’s wife) than I have over a video of a man KO’ing his fiancee and dragging her like a bag of fertilizer!


Commentary: “Go deeper, there are cycles to this stuff. What makes them go at each other? Perceptions of things in their history shape the behavior…both of them.

The sheer depravity in how he stood over her like “what?” immediately after the punch, then the way he was nudging her with his foot, and how he left her a** hanging out after people came upon the scene…and this is the woman he planned to marry???

This sh** is ugly, and really I hate that women are suggesting tit-for-tat engagement when such stark imbalances are evident here. They argue, she spit, he spit, she slaps, HE DIDN’T SLAP HER BACK - he knocks her the f*** out. It just elevates.

I mean, come on. He is at the top of his game in one of the most physically demanding sports played…we need to change hearts and minds. Generations of this mess coming…praying for peace in “love” relationships everywhere.”

Yes, many Christian use profanity. *raises hand*

"Why did SHE stay?" "Why did SHE still marry him?" "SHE started it."

"Why did SHE stay?" "Why did SHE still marry him?" "SHE started it."


Janay must be one powerful woman since she seems to be the total cause of Mr-Niceguy-signing-autographs-Ravens-second-leading-rusher ALL OF A SUDDEN becoming capable of that atrocity we saw on that video!

I believe I have put up 40+ posts related to this over the past couple of days, many many comments - not one person, “Why did HE____?”

Did you see her on the floor of that elevator?
Did you see how he dropped her on her face - TWICE?
Did you see how he manipulated her limp body with his feet?
Did you see how he left her butt hanging out after people came?
Did you see it???

WELL JANAY HAS! Think about how she feels, for just one minute.

The treatment of women in this United States is nauseating.